20 mg Nicotine Base Liquid Nicotine

20 mg Nicotine Base Liquid Nicotine

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 On May 23rd 2018, The Canadian Government and Health Canada changed the law on how strong nicotine could be advertised or sold. Anything 66mg or stronger can no longer be sold in Canada.

We specialize in the highest quality liquid nicotine. Premium  Only

Our Nicotine has been well review on Reddit and many Ecig Forum

 * 20 mg/ml (2%). Liquid Nicotine

* Available in various sizes with either a PG, VG or 50/50 base.

* This product is for adults only. It should be handled carefully and in a well ventilated area.

* Avoid contact with skin.

* It must be diluted before use.

100 % Flavorless, Great for mixing with your favorite flavor.

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